Standing at the top of Mt. Misen Summit in Nara, Japan

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Jimenez. I am a first-generation college graduate. Both of my parents immigrated to the United States a few months before I was born. It was because of my parents and teachers in my life that I decided to pursue higher education. 


I attended the University of San Diego and received my Masters in Education Instruction and Curriculum. I have three years of experience teaching secondary English and Drama with multicultural students of varying levels of ability. I am fluent in Spanish; reading and writing. I have cleared my English credential through the state of California and possess and ELA authorization. 


Before graduate school, I was an teacher artist for a performing arts after school program. In addition, I performed as an actor and singer throughout the San Diego theatre community. I attended San Diego State University where I received my Bachelor's of Science and Arts in Theatre. 

My interests run the gamut. I enjoy reading fiction, you can see what I am currently reading on my goodreads account. 

I also enjoy watching anime, Korean dramas, and attending theatrical performances (live & online). My fiance and I love to travel, our goal is to play PokemonGo all over the world.

My fiance and I at the Pokemon Center in Tokyo, Japan.

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